Kloverbox review – July 2018

Hi sweeties,

Another month = another Kloverbox. I know, I’m a bit late on this one since I’m reviewing the July box and it’s already August, but I could not post a review any sooner since I wasn’t home.

If you still don’t know how this subscription box works; here it goes:

  • Choose your plan. Choose from monthly or 3 and 6 months shipments and save! The more months you take, the cheaper the box gets.
  • Kloverbox will choose the best cruelty-free/vegan natural/organic products of that month and ship them to you.
  • Then it’s up to you to discover all their products and feel happy while using them since they’re all eco-friendly. NO GUILT AT ALL, yay!

This time there were 4 products inside the box: a bug repellent spray, a face and body scrub, a facial mask and a lip balm.

Shine skin care bug repellent


I kinda wish I had this spray already when I went to Belgium because Lily and I seemed to be the place to be/eat for the Belgian mosquitos. This spray is a 100% natural, made of ingredients like citronella, geranium, lavender, lemongrass and peppermint essential oils. I know the name ‘repellent’ doesn’t really make it sound like an attractive product, but the spray smells like lemon which actually makes it quite pleasant to put on. So you don’t have to worry that you’ll stink and be repellent to your boyfriend as well {insert smiley face}.

regular retail price: $ 16.00

Potion Handmade Face Forward Mask


I’m always interested in trying new faces masks so I could not wait to try this one. This mask is meant to make cleanse and hydrate your skin and brings it into balance. As soon as I opened it I was totally distracted by the smell. I decided to just go for it and put it on, but after about 5 minutes I had to take the mask of because the smell started to make my stomach turn. I can’t exactly say what it smelled like but it was a smell I clearly could not stand. Maybe the mask has gone bad already, I have no idea. I do have to say that the mask made my skin soft but I won’t be using it again.

regular retail price: $ 18.00

Rustic Maka Hydrate Mango Lip Balm


This is a product that I really enjoy using. Many lip balms that I have tried before never really stood out to me but as I said I kinda like this one. It is made for castor seed oil, candelilla wax and vitamin E. The balm is super easy to apply and make your lips more than enough moisturized. It does leave your lips a bit sticky but I constantly find myself licking my lips because of the mango taste. I think it’s a great lip balm compared to many others and the fact that it’s all natural makes it even better.

regular retail price: $ 3.50

Beija Flor Naturals Sweet Rose Face + Body Scrub


There’s a first time for trying everything and now it was the first time ever for me to use a sugar scrub. It works exfoliating and soothing for your skin because of the sugar and different kinds of oils like coconut oil, grape seed oil, etc. I am totally in love with the smell of this scrub. It reminds me of the smell at Zara home (if you’ve been there and also have tried this product you’ll totally get me. It has a very rose scented smell and it really make you feel refreshed after having applied it on your body.

regular retail price: $ 20.00



I would love to find out if any of you has tried this products already!


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