‘On Yogurt’ = ice fried yogurt heaven

Hi sweeties,

This week we FINALLY paid a visit On Yogurt. And yes I say finally because this shop is literally only 300m away from our apartment and I wanted to go there for such a long time but it just never happened. While I was in Belgium I saw a post of them on Instagram mentioning that they had a limited edition watermelon taco. If you see the picture you can totally understand why I had to try it, right?

So we went there on August 28th (right on time because this limited edition is only available through August) and I immediately ordered the watermelon taco and my husband ordered a fruity bubble waffle.

40079744_1859756504093069_4519775406215135232_n   40293684_512430955886587_3569037322403971072_n (1)

My watermelon taco was made of ice fried watermelon yogurt, watermelon ‘balls’, a watermelon shaped candy, strawberry chocolate sticks, some almond flakes and of course the green taco. All I can tell you is that it was Y U M M Y! The fruity bubble waffle contained plain ice fried yogurt, strawberries, banana, mango and whipped cream and he totally loved it as well, even though he’s not really into sweet things. We also had some delicious fruity iced tea but I totally forgot to take a picture of them.

The shop looks so inviting from the outside and the inside is actually really cozy. They have this fun green ‘wall/photo background’ where lots of people take photos of their frozen yogurt. The shop is located at 95 Smithe Street in Vancouver which is almost right next to the Parq. I really recommend all of you to visit this place while in Vancouver. On their website you’ll find all available flavors but I would definitely follow them on Instagram as they often have limited edition flavors.


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