HALO TOP: low-calorie & high protein ice cream

Hi sweeties,

I’m back in Vancouver after having spend about 5 weeks with my family in Belgium, so I thought it would be time to introduce you to a very popular ice cream brand that I have recently discovered: Halo Top. Halo Top is the new obsession for all Americans, yes, it has even gotten more popular than Ben & Jerrys. The brand is known to be a low-calorie and high protein ice cream AND they really want to please everyone by having created dairy flavors and non-dairy/vegan flavors. So how do they still make their ice cream so sweet, you wonder. Well, they use 3 natural sweeteners: stevia, erythritol (natural sugar alcohol) and cane sugar. Since Canada only has 12 of their 25 flavors in it’s stores and my supermarket did not even have these 12, I just choose 2 flavors to try.


The first flavor that I tried was the ‘Candy Bar‘. As you can see this ice cream only has 100 calories per 125 ml which means the whole pint is contains less than 400 calories, how awesome is that?! I have noticed before that proteins are super popular here in Canada and also in the US (yes, way more than in Europe) and guess what? This pint of ice cream has 20 g of proteins in it. Enough talking about what’s inside, let’s talk about the flavor.

The first thing I can say about the flavor is that it totally reminds me of Snickers ice cream. I have never been a fan of chocolate ice cream (although I love everything else made of chocolate) so I was a bit worried that I would not like this one but I love it! My favorite part about this flavor is the pieces of roasted peanuts you’ll taste with every scoop.

The second and last (for now, will definitely try more flavors in the future) flavor that I wanted to try was the ‘Birthday Cake’. I mean, who wouldn’t want to try ice cream that tastes like cake, right? This flavor has even less calories than the candy bar, only 280 for the whole pint and 20 g of proteins.



39760658_2095072597399741_6445500289175781376_nI was not as big as a fan of this flavor as I was of the candy bar flavor. But don’t get me wrong, this ice cream totally tastes like birthday cake so it’s actually perfect, I just thought it was a little bit too sweet for me. What I really liked about this one are the rainbow ‘chips’ mixed inside the ice cream batter. It’s like a party in a pint, that’s for sure!


All available flavors in Canada:
Dairy: Chocolate / Candy Bar / Mint Chip / Birthday Cake / Peanut Butter Swirl / Pancakes & Waffles / Oatmeal Cookie / Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough / Vanilla Bean / Cookies & Cream / Sea Salt Caramel / Caramel Macchiato
Dairy Free: Birthday Cake / Chocolate / Toasted Coconut / Peanut Butter Swirl

All available flavors in US: candy bar / birthday cake / red velvet / oatmeal cookie / peanut butter cup / cinnamon roll / sea salt caramel / peaches and cream / s’mores / pancakes & waffles / caramel macchiato / mint chip / lemon cake / chocolate chip cookie dough / chocolate almond crunch / vanilla bean / strawberry / pistachio / black cherry / chocolate / green tea mochi / rainbow swirl / chocolate mocha chip / chocolate covered banana / cookies & cream

Where to buy in Canada:

  • Loblaws banners
  • Urban Fare
  • Sobeys (selected stores)
  • Metro Ontario



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