Twistshake sippy cup

Hi sweeties,

Long time no see! It was a bit quiet on the blogging side of my life lately but here I am, back with another post. Let me introduce you to Twistshake, a Swedish company that sells really nice items for babies and toddlers such as baby bottles, teethers, table accessories, …

They contacted me a while ago but at the time I had received the bottle Lily was still a bit too small to use it, that’s why I haven’t talked about it before. The exact bottle that I got is the lavender crawler sippy cup 300ml.

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Lily has used other similar cups before from Avent, but she always spilled her drinks so easily. That’s why I was kind of hesitant at first to start using this one but to be honest, this cup is perfect! It lets her drink just the right amount at each sip without spilling anything. What I love about this cup is that it’s easy to hold and it has a removable fruit mixer. So if I would like to put some pieces of fruit in the cup, they will stay right where they belong and won’t get stuck while drinking. Another great thing about these kind of cups are they they also have a removable silicone seal to give the cup a free flow if you’d like. That’s just perfect for when Lily will be a bit older and will be able to control her drinking.

These kind of cups are for 8 month old babies and older but they have a wide range on their website. If you’re interested in buying one of these cups (or anything else from their website) make sure to use my discountcode ‘thatgirlnamedbibi20’ to get 20% off your order.

Where to buy:
Worldwide shipping from EUR 9,49




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