Outfit of the day – flowers and ruffles

Hi sweeties,

I hope you’re all doing well! This is my first outfit related post and I have to admit, I’m quite insecure when it comes to clothing and I wonder what your opinions will be on this look.

Before I came back to Canada this winter I took some time to go shopping in Belgium and that’s when I found this super cute dress from Only. Let me explain to you why I really like this dress ( and the rest of the outfit of course ).


I have always loved fashion but man am I difficult when it comes to shopping. Since I have never been really happy with my body I always find it so hard to find clothes that make me happy and comfortable. Does this make my shoulders look big? Is it too short? Does it show too much cleavage? Is it too tight? All these questions I am thinking of while fitting clothes or ordering some items online. But then I found this dress.

First of all, I love to wear green things since I think it matches well with my strawberry blonde hair and makes me look a little more tanned. I have never been a big fan of long sleeves but well, like it or not, I also think my upper arms are quite big so these see through sleeves make me feel a bit more at ease. They don’t make you feel hot and they just show about the amount of skin that I want to show. And the best part for me about this dress is the ruffled skirt. Bye bye big belly, no need to pull you in any longer. The ruffles cover my belly and small hips perfectly and give my body a much more hourglass shape.

You can shop this dress on Asos in green for EUR 40.99 (CAD $ 72.91) and in blue on sale for EUR 28.99 (CAD $ 51.04).

The pink sandals that I’m wearing here are from New Look (the wide fit range). It’s probably my favorite brand when it comes to shoes. Having wide feet made it so difficult for my to find nice shoes unless if you want those granny sandals. Until I found New Look… They sell super cute shoes for people with wide feet and the best of all is that they are so affordable. They are not selling this model any more but they have some similar ones on their website.



The pink crossbody bag is from Victoria’s Secret. I bought it at the airport in Lisbon a couple of years ago and unfortunately I don’t think they are still selling it. Ever since I became a mom ( and maybe even before ) I became addicted to crossbody bags. As a mom you constantly need to have your hands free and wearing this type of bag makes it all just much easier. I can not hold a purse in one hand and push the stroller with the other hand and then oh, Lily wants to walk. And since (hopefully) no one has three hands, a crossbody bag is the go-to bag for moms in my opinion.


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