Hotel Maya – a DoubleTree by Hilton (Long Beach, CA)

Hi sweeties,

We just got back from a great (but short) holiday in Los Angeles; and guess what? I want to go back already! Anyway, I was so happy that my husband’s football team got 5 days of for the World Cup. That’s why we decided to go on a short trip to LA.

I always love checking sites like; Tripadvisor, etc to find the best hotels at affordable prices. If you ever need to book a trip, contact me and I’ll do the work for you! I dare to say that I became an expert in comparing different websites to find the best deals on hotels and flights. So after doing some research I came across Hotel Maya – a DoubleTree by Hilton.


Hotel Maya is located at the Long Beach waterfront, at walking distance of the Queen Mary. When you want to cross to visit the other side (where most attractions are) then you can take a watertaxi that stops at the small pier in front of the hotel.

This hotel is the perfect getaway if you want a relaxing/stay at the pool all day – holiday. It gives you all the resort vibes that you need to get away from your every day busy life.

Since we rented a car at the airport ( Midway Car Rental ) we were in need of a parking. And this hotel offers a big parking at 27$ per day.


The reception area

Right as we entered the hotel, the first thing I saw was the home made fruit water dispenser next to the reception. After having had a busy traveling day and driving through the heat, the fruit water was more than welcome. The check-in went super smooth and staff was really friendly, just as we expected. Just when I thought it could not get any better, the receptionist offered us 3 free water bottles AND the yummiest cookie ever! I ended up asking for 3 more during our stay, whoopsie. Sorry about the cookie picture by the way, could not wait to try it before taking a picture.

35416210_10214735008562665_2888750743651614720_n 35301198_10214724481019483_1712937213680943104_n

The room 

Two of my standard preferences when we book a room ( when we are near the ocean ) is a balcony and ocean view. So that’s what we booked. We were staying in room 4205 located in the second floor of the 4th building. Our room was close to the pool but did not have pool view, but we did have a beautiful ocean view.

We were planning on getting a crib for Lily but we decided to have her sleep with us in the big bed. Our room was really spacious; we even had a couch that could be used as a sofa bed. That would easily make it possible to accommodate a family of four in 1 room. I loved the way that the whole hotel; including the rooms; were designed in a mix of Latin American and Southern Californian styles.

The pool area

This was also one of many important elements for me that made me want to book this hotel; a nice pool area. The ( heated ) pool is located right next to the fourth building. It is not that big but I do find it big enough comparing to the size of the hotel. There are plenty sun-beds available just as a couple of beautiful cabanas that you can rent. And don’t worry, you will not starve. There’s a pool bar that serves cocktails and small snacks all day long. And oh, did I mention that there’s a big jacuzzi as well?

Restaurant ‘Fuego’

Hotel Maya has only 1 restaurant and that’s ‘Fuego’. Fuego is a spirited celebration of the coastal cuisines of Mexico, Latin America and South America. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast buffet offers a variety of food going from hot food ( such as scrambled eggs, bacon, oatmeal, etc. ) to cold items ( such as fresh fruit, muffins, cornflakes, etc. )

My favorite dish for dinner was the Cilantro Lime Chicken; which is pan-roasted chicken served with white rice and creamy roasted corn and peppers. Some other dishes I ( and my husband ) can recommend are the Tuna Filet, Achiote Mojo Salmon and the Maya Cheese Quesadillas. Before dinner is served you will get very tasty, freshly baked bread.

And not to forget, if you prefer mock-tails in stead of cocktails, just ask the waiter if they can make one for you since it’s not on the menu. My favorites were the virgin Pina Colada and the virgin Mojito!

Other amenities

Other amenities that you can find at the hotel are a fitness room, jetski rental and a beautiful playa/beach. If you are more a beach person than a pool person; then the beautiful and quit little beach located between building 3 and 4 will be the perfect spot for you. There are sun-beds and couches available for you to use at no charge.

35431178_10214735044203556_1986793760222085120_n 35311968_10214735044043552_13347250822447104_n

Another beautiful area in the hotel is the Hookah Lounge, located between the restaurant and the reception. It’s a quiet little area where you can sit to have a drink or read a magazine.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences about Hotel Maya. If you have ever stayed there or if you are planning on going there, let me know in the comments and I could give you some more information.


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