Kloverbox review – August 2018

Hi sweeties,

Another month = another Kloverbox. I was really looking forward to review this one since I saw that there was a nail polish and some candy inside.

If you still don’t know how this subscription box works; here it goes:

  • Choose your plan. Choose from monthly or 3 and 6 months shipments and save! The more months you take, the cheaper the box gets.
  • Kloverbox will choose the best cruelty-free/vegan natural/organic products of that month and ship them to you.
  • Then it’s up to you to discover all their products and feel happy while using them since they’re all eco-friendly. NO GUILT AT ALL, yay!

Just as last time, there were 4 products inside, BUT 1 of these products was eatable. So the box contained an eye serum, some cranberry-pomegranate energy chews, a mini charcoal soap bar and a top coat nail polish.

Gypsy soul organics – rosehip + carrot seed eye serum

This was the first time for me to ever use an eye serum to be honest and I don’t know if at 24 I should already be using one, but hey, it could never hurt, right? This eye serum is very easy to apply and and it gets absorbed by your skin really fast. The serum is ment to fight dehydrated, weathered skin and fine lines. I guess for me personally it might definitely help for my dehydrated skin.

regular retail price: $ 29.99

Pro bar – cranberry/-pomegranate organic energy chews 

I was super excited to test these gummies, I mean, who doesn’t love some good candy? The flavor was already appealing to me and the taste really does not let you down. It chews way faster than a regular gummy in my opinion but that’s not a big deal I guess. What’s perfect about this ‘candy’ is that it has lots of electrolytes and B vitamins in it to give you more energy, hooray!

regular retail price: $ 1.50


Ballerina botanicals – mini charcoal bar

This bar of soap is so mini that it will be finished after being used only a few times. I like products with charcoal in them since they really make my skin feel clean. This one in particular is made with lemon, tea tree essential oils (which I love) and activated charcoal which will help you with acne, detoxification and cleansing.

regular retail price: $ 4.00

All heart – act together top coat 


I was so happy to receive this nail polish since I forgot mine in Belgium. So I decided to give it a try immediately (as a base coat, just to make my nails a bit shiny and not as a top coat). I have to say I was a bit disappointed; the nail polish came off my finger nails quite fast. Next time that I’m wearing a regular nail polish in stead of gel I’ll apply it as a top coat and let you guys know if it worked better. What I do find admirable about this product is that it is 8-free (which means free of the 8 toxic ingredients found in regular nail polish), cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

regular retail price: $ 15.00




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