ON TREND: high waisted bikinis by Pour Moi

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It’s Summer, YAY! Summer is always about hot weather, holidays, bikini body’s etc. But what if you are not comfortable with your bikini body? Ever since I became a mom (and actually before as well) I never felt too comfortable wearing bikinis because I’m not really happy with how my body looks like. I’m not super skinny and I have stretch marks and a bit of a bigger belly, so finding a bikini that suited me well was never easy. Until I saw the ‘high waisted bikini’ trend. Continue reading

Pixi Beauty Skintreats – Love The Skin You’re In Review

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Here I am again with another Pixi Beauty review. This time I received a super cool box with some products of their Skintreats – love the skin you’re in collection. The 5 products I got to try out are the Pixi Peel & Polish, Pixi T-Zone Peel Off Mask, Pixi Glow Mud Mask, Pixi DetoxifEYE Eye Patches and the Pixi GLOW Glycolic Boost Sheet Mask. The box also included a little white towel. Continue reading

Garnier Bio Review

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Here I am again with a fun beauty product review. A couple of weeks ago I received a package that included the new biological skincare line from Garnier; Garnier BIO (or in the uk Garnier Organic).

I had the chance to test 6 of their products which were the Lavandin Glow Facial Oil (Lavendel Revitaliserende Gezichtsolie), the Argan Multi Use Rescue Balm (Argan Herstellende Balsem) the Konjac Botanical Cleansing Sponge (Exfoliërende Konjac Spons), the Purifying Thyme Perfecting Toner (Tijm Perfectionerende Toner), the Lemongrass Detox Gel Wash (Citroengras Detox Reinigingsgel) and the Lavandin Anti Age Day Cream (Lavendel Anti-Age Dagcrème). Continue reading

Feeling nostalgic with Imperial

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I wasn’t too sure if I should write this blogpost in Dutch since I will talk about a Belgian brand but I decided to just go ahead and write it in English.

The brand that I am talking about today is Imperial, known in Belgium for their baking powder, pudding powder, toppings etc. For as long as I can remember, my mom used to make her DELICIOUS pudding for me and my sister. In the evenings or as a study break, she would always put a smile on our faces while serving us the pudding. Unlike anyone else in the family, I always, yes always, ate and still eat my Imperial pudding while it’s still warm and fluid. I mean, there’s nothing better in this world. Continue reading

Pixi Beauty Review – Glow Tonic, PixiGlow Cake, …

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I’m so sorry for the lack of posts lately, but as some of you may know, our chapter in Vancouver is over and we’re currently staying in Porto.

In the last couple of months I have received some AMAZING packages from Pixi Beauty which I really wanted to show you guys. I do have to say that I did not have the time to try all of the products so with some of the products I will only talk about what it is in stead of also sharing my opinion about it. Continue reading

Aswan Travel Diary


Hi sweeties,

It’s been almost two months now since I came back from Aswan and as many of you followed along my trip through my Instagram stories, I decided to write an article about the whole thing. We stayed in Aswan between 24 – 29 November 2018.

Day 1: Let’s go to Aswan!

Yes, today is the day! We’re finally going to Aswan. This trip was something that my husband and I were really looking forward to since it was the first time to visit the city for both of us. Some of my husband’s roots are in Aswan, but he had never been there himself. After a quick one hour flight we arrived at the very small airport of Aswan. After a short power outage we got our luggage and we finally made way to our hotel “Mövenpick Resort Aswan”.

This hotel is located on ‘Elephantine Island’ which means you have to take a boat to get to the hotel; but no worries, Mövenpick has its own boats to transport their guests back and forth. We booked a double room with Nile view and let me tell you, the view was amazing.


After unpacking our bags we decided not to leave the hotel anymore and just spend the last couple of hours before sunset by the pool. In the evening we had dinner at the buffet restaurant, together with my in-law’s who came with us to Aswan.

Day 2: High Dam + Temple of Philae

Wake up, breakfast and ready to go! Our first stop of the day was the Aswan High Dam ( built between 1960 and 1970 to control flooding better, provide increased water storage for irrigation and generate hydroelectricity). It took us about half an hour to get there from the hotel and honestly, you will only spend half an hour on the dam as well. The views are amazing (great for taking pictures) but that’s about it.


Then, on our way back to the hotel, we stopped at a little harbor to take a private boat to the Temple of Philae. I was really looking forward to visit this temple since I’d seen so many amazing photos about it on social media. So what is this Temple you wonder? → This large temple complex, relocated to the island of Agilika with the building of the High Dam in Aswan, features the magnificent Temple of Isis that was built in the late Ptolemaic and early Roman periods. The whole site actually exists of two temples; one that is closed with rooms full of hieroglyphs and the other temple is totally open.



Day 3: Nubian style boat trip on the Nile 

Our third day in Aswan was going to be a calmer day. We drove to a small village at the West Bank; that’s where we got on our private Nubian style boat. This trip took us about two hours and it’s something that you should definitely do when visiting Aswan. The boat took us around the little Islands on the Nile, passing things like for example the villa from Mohamed Mounir (famous Egyptian singer) and hotels as our own and the super fancy Sofitel Old Cataract. After finishing this fun trip we had lunch at the Arti Ka hotel; right where we got on our boat in the first place. It’s a very cute Nubian location right next to the nile where people can have drinks or even have a lovely lunch/dinner.

Day 4: let’s go visit a souk, they said. It will be fun, they said. 

Well, not as much ‘they said’ as ‘I said’, since it was kinda my idea to visit a local souk. I have always wanted to visit a souk, especially after watching Sex and The City in Abu Dhabi where the souks were amazing. Well, this one was nothing like it. This souk was open, next to a very busy street and honestly, did not look clean at all. I think we spent about half an hour there and then we decided that it had been enough. People started yelling my husband’s name (since he’s known from the national football team here in Egypt) and kept coming to him for pictures and we couldn’t move forward really. We were all feeling hot so we called it a day and spent all afternoon by the hotel pool.

Day 5: staycation aka stay by the pool all day yay yay

Well, this was our last full day in Aswan. We didn’t have any visits planned anymore and since it was H O T we made it a ‘stay all day by the pool’ day. Lucky for us there were only two other couples at the pool so we had a very relaxing day. Until now I miss the amazing fruit salad they served in the hotel. Yes, me, eating a fruit salad. It happens! This fruit salad would convert any non fruit eater into a fruit lover. By the way, when your in Aswan, don’t forget to drink ‘karkade’ or hibiscus juice. It is my favorite Egyptian drink.


Day 6: Back to Cairo? Already?

Well, all good things come to an end, don’t they? After another quick flight we made it back to Cairo. Honestly you guys, I loved this trip. Egypt has always been my favorite holiday destination and I’m so glad I finally was able to discover more of it. I hope by reading this article I made you excited about going to Aswan yourself! So what’s next? Maybe Luxor next year?

If you’re interested in some video footage from this trip, please check my IGTV (@thatgirlnamedbibi).