Cinnamon Roll Waffles / Fairebel Campaign

Hi sweeties,

If you’re hungry, make sure to keep on reading. If you’re not hungry, well, I promise you will be at the end of this post. Last weekend I decided that it was time make my favorite dessert with a little twist; the world famous cinnamon rolls but made as waffles. I don’t want to brag or anything but these waffles were D E L I C I O U S! Are you feelin’ it already? Being in lockdown for such a long time it really made me realise again that buy local is important, that’s why for this recipe I used all dairy products from Fairebel.

About Fairebel

Fairebel is a Belgian dairy brand that stands for fair prices, bio, respect for animals/consumers/farmers/planet etc.

Fair for the farmers:

  • -0,45 EUR/liter
  • label fairtrade
  • family businesses
  • farmers = bosses

Fair for the cows:

  • well being for animals


Fair for the consumers:

  • quality +++
  • the right price
  • great taste
  • BIO butter and icecream

Fair for the planet:

  • new packaging
  • local + no pesticides

Scroll down for the recipe…



I know y’all can’t wait to start baking yourself, so here it is.


ingredients :dough
– 150g flower- 1g salt
– 8g baking powder
– 10g sugar
– 60g butter
– 80 ml milk

ingredients: filling
– 60g softened butter
– 40g brown sugar
– 15g cinnamon

ingredients: topping
– 65g icing/powder sugar
– a few drops of vanilla
– milk to thin


Let’s get to work…

Step 1: put the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar in a bowl and start mixing. Then add the butter and milk and mix it all up until you have a nice thick texture. Take everything out of the bowl and start kneading. Then roll out the dough into a rectangle (0.5cm thick).

Step 2: put the butter, sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and mix it up. Make sure the butter is soft but not fluid or it will not stick well to the dough. Spread the mixture onto the dough and then roll it up nicely. Then cut the roll into slices of 1 or 2 cm thickness as preferred. To make the waffles I decided to turn the slices into little balls so it’s easier to place them in the waffle iron (if you’d be making regular cinnamon rolls, this is the time when you put them in a baking tray and straight in the oven).

Step 3: heat the waffle iron and make sure to grease it a little so the waffles won’t stick to the iron. For the first waffles you might need up to 4 minutes for them to finish, but with my old waffle iron the next ones only needed about a minute each. When the waffles look golden brown and crisp on the outside, they’re done.

Step 4: last but not least, whisk together the icing sugar, vanilla and a little bit of milk to make the topping. The icing should have a more thick texture so it’s easy to drizzle on top of the waffles. 

And that’s it. Easy peasy right?

106489133_680747626115663_788158982825883289_n  106453674_284478502757451_5778555801929233301_n


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