ON TREND: high waisted bikinis by Pour Moi

Hi sweeties,

It’s Summer, YAY! Summer is always about hot weather, holidays, bikini body’s etc. But what if you are not comfortable with your bikini body? Ever since I became a mom (and actually before as well) I never felt too comfortable wearing bikinis because I’m not really happy with how my body looks like. I’m not super skinny and I have stretch marks and a bit of a bigger belly, so finding a bikini that suited me well was never easy. Until I saw the ‘high waisted bikini’ trend.I thought ‘YES, that’s exactly what I need’. Honestly, I looked all over the internet to find a nice bikini but it turns out that those kind of bikinis can become quite pricey. Of course they also have them at H&M and some other stores, but as I have a DD cup I really needed a top that would give me enough support. That’s when I found the English brand ‘Pour Moi’.

Untitled designThey sell lingerie and swimwear from cup size A to J and all their items are really affordable. I didn’t want to buy 1 expensive bikini, no, I wanted a couple affordable ones to mix it up a little on holiday. So as you can see on the picture above I have selected my top 5 favorite bikinis of which I own the first 4 myself ( and I’m kinda planning on buying the 5th one too, whoops).

GETAWAY: Padded Convertible Underwired Top + Control Brief

CASTAWAY: Removable Straps Padded Top +Control Brief

SPLASH: Frill Padded Underwired Top + High Waisted Control Brief

FIESTA: Sweetheart Padded Top + Control Brief

MONACO:  Padded Underwired Top + High Waist Control Brief 


Most of these bikinis are available in different color and are perfect for hiding that belly and giving you more comfort and confidence. I just want to tell you guys that this post was not sponsored in any way, it is just based upon my honest opinion. These bikinis fit great, make me feel better about myself and I want to share my experiences and help those who need help. All items are linked in the titles. More bikinis can be found on the official website of Pour Moi or on Next Direct.



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