Rouge Signature by L’Oréal ♥

Hi sweeties,

Let me introduce you to the new ROUGE SIGNATURE – MATTE COLOR INK collection from L’Oréal Paris. I received 4 out of the 12 colors to test; I rule | I don’t | I am worth it | I explore. Check out the full collection here.


If we start with the packaging you can immediately see that it’s super sleek and sophisticated. The brush itself is made in a way that the lipstick is super easy to apply.

The biggest difference with other liquid lipsticks that I have tried before is that these ones are super lightweight. You can barely feel that you’re wearing lipstick but believe me, your lips are popping of color. The only small disadvantage (if I can even call it that; it’s just a teeny tiny negative thing) is that the color fades a little after you’ve eaten. It won’t fade away totally but you might have to reapply at some time.

Also make sure that you have some micellair water or wipes by hand when you want to remove the lipstick, because I’ve tried to remove (mostly the red shades) with normal make-up removing wipes and I could not get my lips totally clean as the color had kind of ‘inked’ my lips.

Overall I am quite happy with these lipsticks as I’m a frequent liquid lipstick user and they are not too pricy.

retail price: € 14.99


So tell me, are you worth it?



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