Chai Castle – loose tea samples

Hi sweeties,

The last two weeks I have been trying out some tea flavors from Chai Castle.

Chai Castle is a local BC family business owned by Dara Khamsi. They offer high quality tea sourced from trusted tea estates and they donate a part of their profit to organizations working with animals and children; how great is that? Not only are you drinking some amazing tea but you’re also giving back to animals and people in need. Make sure you keep reading all the way until the end; there’s a nice discount code waiting for you.

I chose 5 flavors out of their wide range of loose teas:

  1. Energy
  2. Green Earl Grey
  3. Dream of the Orient
  4. Hibiscus Berry
  5. Good Night


The energy tea is the perfect tea to cure your hangover or to energize you at the start of your day. That’s why I love drinking this one in the morning. The first ingredient you smell when preparing the tea is definitely the red currants, which gives it a sweet smell and taste. It’s a pleasant way to start your day; the tea is not too strong or too sweet.

ingredients: black tea, green tea, mate green, nettle leaves, manna pieces, sunflower petals, red currants, vitamin C, guarana seeds, blackthorn petals and cafei


Green Earl Grey

I actually really like this one. My normal go-to tea is black earl grey but I think the green tea version is a great alternative. The green tea flavor is not too overpowering which makes this a very nice tea to drink.

ingredients: organic green tea (sencha), natural bergamot flavor


Dream of the orient

This flavor is definitely one of my favorites! It smells and tastes kinda sweet but also tastes super refreshing if that makes any sense. It’s a blend of white teas, green teas and some yummy summer fruits which also makes this one a perfect candidate for iced tea.

ingredients: white tea (Pai Mu Tan), green tea (Darjeeling), green Tea (Fog Tea , Lung Ching, Jasmine Jade Pearls), candied pineapple pieces, candied mango pieces, natural flavor, orange peels, candied papaya pieces, strawberry pieces, red currants, apricot pieces, sour cherry pieces.


Hibiscus Berry

Ever since going on holidays to Egypt I’ve been a fan of hibiscus drinks so I was looking forward to trying the hibiscus berry tea. I prefer to drink my tea light (= not too strong) and that’s why this tea was not my number 1 because the hibiscus and berry flavors come through quite strong even though I didn’t leave the tea in the water for too long. But overall it’s still a nice tea; the hibiscus and berries make a nice combination.

ingredients: hibiscus petals, elderberries, raisins, black currants


Good Night

I’ve always had problems with sleeping and I have even tried different teas before that were supposed to help me but they didn’t. Well, look no further cause the best one is here! I drink this tea every night about half an hour to an hour before I go to bed and it starts working about 30 minutes after drinking it. I start yawning and fall asleep much easier than before. I am probably going to get some more of this to be able to enjoy it more.

ingredients: valerian root, passion flower herb, lemon balm leaves, peppermint leaves, fennel, caraway, aniseed, rose hip peels, rosemary leaves, marigold petals.


If you liked what you’ve read and you want to order some tea for yourself, make sure you use my code CHAIXBIBI20 to get 20% off your order until Dec 31, after that you get 10% off with my code CHAIXBIBI10.



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