The healing power of Vaseline

Hi sweeties,

Fall is here and winter is coming, which means chapped lips, dry hands and dry skin in general. Lucky for me I got to discover some great products from Vaseline who will help me get rid of all these problems.


Little did I know that Vaseline has so many fun products! I only knew the ‘basic/original’ Vaseline; I had no idea that they also had body butters, hand creams and lip balms! I am totally sold by the way.

Lip Therapy


Let’s start by talking about the lip therapy balms. They are available in 4 flavors: the original flavor, aloë flavor, rosy lips flavor and the cocoa butter flavor. I LOVE the rosy lips and the cocoa butter; you just want to keep licking your lips all day long. The balms are super easy to apply with just one finger and they instantly make your lips feel soft and moisturized. No more annoying feeling and look of chapped lips, it’s all history.

where to buy:
London Drugs CA$ 3.99
Walmart CA$ 3.47 CA$ 4.99

Intensive care / Smoothing body butter with pure cocoa butter


If there’s coconut in it, I’ll use it! Being such a fan of coconut I welcomed this product with open arms. The lotion/butter is meant to heal heal dry and dull-looking skin and to bring back it’s natural glow → the perfect product for my dry winter legs. It gets absorbed quite fast by the skin and gives it an almost instant glow.

where to buy:

Walmart CA$ 6.77
London Drugs CA$ 7.49

Original petroleum jelly

This is THE original Vaseline jelly. This product is super gentle on the skin (dermatologist recommended), hypoallergenic and won’t clog pores. It also reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines and works best on dry/itchy skin.


where to buy:
Walmart CA$ 3.67
London Drugs CA$ 4.99

Intensive care / healthy hands – stronger nails lotion


I have never seen a product before that is a hand cream and a nail hardener in one. So you’d believe me when I say that I was super excited to give this one a try. The lotion contains Keratin which will help moisturize your hands and make up to 10 times stronger in two weeks. I’m not that big of a hand cream fan but this one I will definitely use often since my nails are super thin and could really use some help + the scent of this one is really pleasant.

where to buy:
Shoppers Drug Mart (320 ml) CA$ 9.99



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