The perfect wide-fit shoes for summer

Hi sweeties,

Buying shoes has always been a nightmare for me for as long as I can remember; especially in summer. I have really wide feet unfortunately and finding shoes that are even a tiny bit comfortable was a big struggle for me until I found out that the English brand New Look has a very big range of wide fit shoes AND they are super affordable/trendy in comparison with other brands that sell wide-fit shoes (and they always look like grandma shoes).

Let’s start by saying that my left foot measures 9cm at the widest point and my right foot 8cm (yes I know, my left foot is wider than my right). And if you know that the average shoe is 5 cm wide, then you clearly understand my problem. So I have been buying practically all my shoes at New Look for about 3 years now and believe me, I am not buying summer shoes any where else anymore. That’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite pairs with you guys. Just to inform you already, I have a European size 38 and all shoes shown here are still available in that size and more.

Wide Fit Green Suede Double Strap Sandals


This pair is probably the most comfortable of all. They are really wide fit and can be worn all day long. I know, they are very green but hey, it’s summer, you need some color in your closet!

€ 27,99 on

Wide Fit Nude Suedette Gem Strap Sandals


Going to a party or just to work? These low blocked heels will get you there. They are not as comfy as my other pairs since they are a bit smaller but still good enough for me. If your feet are less wide than mine they will fit you perfectly.

€ 39,99 on

Wide Fit Pink Suedette Wood Heel Sandals


I have these ones in light brown as well but all other colors besides this light pink are sold out at the moment. These sandals are perfect for any event and that’s why I love them.

€ 27,99 on

Wide Fit Black Suedette Woven Sequin Strap Sandals


My favorite thing about this pair is the details in the front, it gives these shoes something extra to ’em. They can definitely be worn under jeans to go casual or under a dress if you have a fancier event to attend.

€ 32,99 on

As I mentioned before I have at least 3 more pairs of shoes from New Look but since I bought them 2-3 years ago they are not available anymore. If you have any questions about this brand and their wide-fit range, feel free to contact me.



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