Hi sweeties,

I don’t know about you but damn, this Belgian heatwave is H O T! I am writing this blogpost while wearing my bikini; it’s 33 degrees Celsius right now. So let’s talk about something else. My most necessary accessory with this weather besides my bikini is a pair of good sunglasses. That’s where MVMT / MVMTFORHER comes in the picture. They contacted me last week and had me choose my favorite sunglasses and watch. 


I have always been a fan of the round RayBan models, so that’s why I picked the “Icon – rose gold” sunglasses. I think they are super pretty. I was still looking for a pink/rose gold pair and I am so satisfied with these! I love the color and they look quite fancy even.

Icon – CA$ 100.00 / EUR 65.00

So the second item I received was the “Camden” watch. I chose this one because of the color. I always love color in my wardrobe and this summer I made sure that I had some colorful pieces ready to wear. I only own two watches; I know, only two. If I need to know what time it is I’ll probably check my phone first anyway, that’s why I wear it more as an accessory. To me, this watch looks simple but classy, just the way I like it.

Camden CA$ 115.00 / EUR 100.00 

Andddd, last but not least, to make all of you happy, I have a discount code for you to get 15$ off your order → ‘bibi15‘.



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