Kloverbox review – June 2018

Hi sweeties,

Here we are again. For the very first time I have received the Kloverbox. Kloverbox is a monthly subscription box full of natural and organic beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home products. For June I have received a box with 3 beauty products; a deodorant, a hydrating gel and a face wash oil. First I will inform you a bit about how this subscription box works:

  1. Choose your plan. Choose from monthly or 3 and 6 months shipments and save! The more months you take, the cheaper the box gets.
  2. Kloverbox will choose the best cruelty-free/vegan natural/organic products of that month and ship them to you.
  3. Then it’s up to you to discover all their products and feel happy while using them since they’re all eco-friendly. NO GUILT AT ALL, yay!

So here we go…

Going 2 Natural Vegan Tea Tree Lavender Deodorant Paste


This one’s a first for me. I have never used a deodorant paste but I actually like it. Okay yes, you will have to wash your hands after applying it, but I feel like it applies better and covers more of my underarms than a roller deodorant. The smell is really nice; it’s lavender, which I’m totally into lately. I am a sweater, big time! I have always found it difficult to get a deodorant with the right ingredients that would prevent me from sweating constantly and I can tell you, natural deodorants (especially with lavender for me) help much more than regular ones you find in every store. I only have to apply deodorant a couple of times a day in stead of at least every hour so this product is definitely a keeper!

regular retail price: CAD 10.17

Maeve’s All Natural Vitamin B5 Gel


This gel had my interest from the beginning. Finding a product to hydrate my face has always been a struggle. Some products don’t hydrate enough and others will make my face end up with pimples the next day.

Until now I am quite satisfied with this gel. It’s so easy to apply and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft (it’s totally odorless btw). The hyaluronic acid and the vitamin B5 will make your skin firm and make you look younger. Can’t say no to that, right?

regular retail price: CAD 40.00


Made Simple Skin Care Face Wash Oil 


I was a bit sceptic of this product at first, since it says ‘face wash OIL’. I always thought that using oil on an oily skin would only make my skin worse, until someone told me: to get rid of the oil, you need oil! Until this day I am not a 100% convinced but hey, I do like this product. I have not used this product to remove make-up yet, but I do use it when I wake up in the morning. It’s super easy to massage it on my face and it makes my skin feel so clean. It has a soft, to me relaxing, smell to it which I kinda like but I could understand if some people would not be a big fan of it.

regular retail price: USD 16.00


I totally love the items in the June box. Let me know if you have tried any of these products as well and how you experienced them.


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