Pixi by Petra – Pixi Beauty

Hi sweeties,

About two days ago I received a package in the mail that I was not expecting at all. When I looked at the box I saw ‘Pixi Beauty’; OMG! Since I moved to Canada I’ve seen this brand becoming really popular by bloggers and influencers and of course I wanted to try it as well. So that time has finally come; I get to try out their new liquid fairy lights eyeshadows and the glow-y gossamer duos. 

Let’s start by acknowledging the beauty of the packaging. It all has a mint-green vibe to it and I love it; it’s perfect for summer.


Liquid Fairy Lights

When I first opened the box I thought these eyeshadows were lipglosses or liquid lipsticks, whoops.  I have never seen or tried liquid eyeshadow so I was very curious about how it would work. So this is how it goes… You just apply a little bit of the eyeshadow with the applicator, that’s it! It applies to easy and it dries within seconds. It doesn’t make your eyelids feel dry and will stay on all day or all night. My favorite part of this product is the way it shimmers and shines and gives your look that extra spark.

liquid fairy lights – £ 15.00 / $ 20.00 on Pixi Beauty 

Glow-y Gossamer Duos

36224429_10214827180386903_2901189063430111232_nIt’s been a while since I have used any sort of highlighter on my face but I just started thinking to try it out again and that’s where these powders will come in handy for.. They feel super soft and silky and are nicely pigmented. They almost have a skin-like texture which makes them perfect to wear for your everyday job AND they don’t leave your face all glittery as you might think sometimes. That’s the kind that I mostly prefer. The powders do look a bit lighter on your skin than on this palette, but for me that’s a good thing because I have a light skin. If you’re looking to give yourself that perfect glow you should definitely give these a try

glow-y gossamer duos – £ 20.00 / $ 18.00 on Pixi Beauty

Here are two examples of how the liquid eyeshadows look on me. At the left side I’m wearing the ‘Passion Light’ and at the right side I’m wearing ‘Sun Ray’. Because of my freckles I feel like the ‘Sun Ray’ doesn’t stand out that much in this picture, but it’s much more present in real life. I also wanted to show you how the highlighter looks like on my skin but I could not show it off well on photos because of my skin.





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