Mini me outfit by Old Navy

Hi sweeties,

I always knew that if I would have a daughter, I would love to wear matching outfits. So I went on the hunt to find mother/daughter outfits and I have to tell you, it is not easy to find cute outfits made of decent fabrics. But then I found the ‘mini me‘ section on the site of Old Navy.

I had already purchased my own dress in one of their shops before, but I did not know they had a dress for toddlers in exactly the same print! So you can understand that when I saw the little girls dress, I HAD to buy it.


Both of our dresses can not be found in the mini me section anymore, so I’ll add the links here for you:

I really became a big fan of the ‘gingham’ trend. If you like it as much as I do, just type ‘gingham’ in the search section and you’ll find some beautiful outfits for you and your daughter.

While looking for more outfits on the website, make sure you check both toddler and women’s sections since they offer many more matching outfits than the ones they show at the ‘mini me’ section. If you know more great brands/websites where to buy mother and daughter matching outfits, please let me know!

The next two matching outfits are just a few of what you’ll find at Old Navy.


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