The perfect Mother’s Day gift ♥

Hi sweeties,

Hands up if you’re guilty of forgetting the exact date of Mother’s Day once in a while. Well, this time I will make sure you will remember. Make this 13th of May a day to remember with your mom or with your baby mama. Yes daddies, pay attention because if your child is still too young to buy their mommy a present, you should do it.

This will be my second Mother’s Day since Lily is now almost 1 year and one month old but it’ll be the first one that we can really celebrate it.

While scrolling through Instagram I found this amazing brand/company called The Black Orchid Co ; the boutique of flower desserts. It’s owned by a super sweet Russian woman who makes all the products herself. They have so much to offer from a hat box collection to a macaroons collection to even some bouquets for ‘him’.

31646838_10214383366051822_6847189025384562688_n.jpg  31766086_10214383365891818_7428731011761963008_n

I have received a special Mother’s Day flowers & chocolate covered strawberries bouquet. I mean doesn’t it look amazing? It’s so beautiful that I feel that I don’t even want to eat it but at the same time the chocolate covered strawberries are screaming my name!


Being a mom is truly amazing and hey, who doesn’t love an extra day in the year to receive a special gift from those who you love the most. So promise me, if you live in or near Vancouver, get one of these amazing and yummy gifts to surprise your lovely mother. And wait, get 10% of your order with code ‘mother’. If you already bought your mom a gift, then spoil yourself or your loved ones with these sweets. There’s enough to choose from on

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