Pure Anada – a Canadian organic cosmetic brand

Hi sweeties,

Since last week people were celebrating earth week, I thought it would be time to share my experiences with you of a new cosmetic brand that I have recently discovered: Pure Anada. They are an organic make-up and skincare brand based in Canada. All their ingredients can be found in nature and are cruelty free. They have their own brand ‘Pura Anada’ but they also sell other items as bath salts, body lotions, hair care, etc.

Since I recently told myself that I should take better care of my skin ( I’m kind of lazy when it comes to my own skincare and never knew which products would be good for me) I thought this would be a good start using more natural make-up since it would be impossible to do any harm.

The products I got to try out are a purify toner, a pureline eye pencil, a lip oil tint and a liquid concealer.

Purify Toner – chamomile and willow bar

As you all know I suffer from a very oily skin with enlarged pores and I’m currently trying some different products to help my skin. The Purify Toner is the newest product added to my daily routine. This toner has a chamomile and willow bar ( willow = type of tree ) scent; I find it quite strong but it does make you feel easily refreshed in the morning. You just need to spray a little amount on a cotton pad and apply it on your face. Easy peasy, right? I’ve only used this product once and it makes my skin feels really soft and clean.

Where to buy:
WORLDWIDE SHIPPING – http://www.pureanada.ca CAD $ 19.50


Navy pureline eye pencil

I have tried so many different eye pencils over the years of which some made my eyes feel dry and itchy so easily. That’s why I was so happy to try the navy pureline eye pencil from Pure Anada. It’s made of plant oils and mineral pigments which makes it totally natural again. The creaminess of the eye pencil makes it super smooth to apply on the eyelid and I love the fact that you can really see that it’s blue since so many blue eye pencils almost look black.

Where to buy:
WORLDWIDE SHIPPING – http://www.pureanada.ca CAD$ 14.00


Tin feather lip oil tint – rogue

This lip gloss / lipstick is not from Pura Anada itself but from Tin Feather. I said lip gloss / lipstick because you apply it as a lip gloss but it looks more pigmented and is less sticky, more like a lipstick. I love the rogue color, it’s like a dark cherry with a lovely shine. It makes your lips feel moisturized while wearing it and as I mentioned before, it’s not sticky at all. Don’t expect a long lasting lip product while wearing this since the color does get less after eating or drinking, but it’s super easy to just reapply the product. I would say it stays longer on your lips than a regular lipgloss.

Where to buy:
WORLDWIDE SHIPPING – http://www.pureanada.ca full size CAD $ 18.00 / sample CAD $ 1.00


Certified organic liquid concealer

This liquid concealer is their newest product, it’s not even available on their webshop yet. As a full freckle faced person, I have never used any type of concealer or foundation before. I was always of the opinion that using a concealer while having freckles would just leave a big difference with the rest of my body. So I applied it under my eyes since I have some darker spots under them and I have to say, it does make it look a bit lighter. But the concealer made my face quite dry to be honest. I have no idea if it got dry because of my skin type or if I just applied it wrong, I’m definitely not an expert. Anyway, if you are a pro in putting on concealer or a regular concealer wearing person, I’d say: just give it a try and let me know if it works better on you. I could really use all your tips!

Where to buy:
Soon available on http://www.pureanada.ca



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