BOKKSU – Blossoming Spring Box

Hi sweeties,

Have you spotted some nice cherry blossom trees in your city? They are so amazing and pink. Well, this post will be all about the blossoming spring box I have received from BOKKSU.

BOKKSU is a Japanese snack subscription box. Each box contains some typical Japanese snacks including a tea pairing that was specifically selected to complement the box’s theme. They offer a new themed box every month with different kinds of snacks. I have to admit that I did not have the time yet to try all the snacks in the box, so for most of them I have given a description of each snack and my idea about them.

So what’s in the box?


Sakura Love Tea

The sakura love tea is a tea made of fresh cherries which totally fits this month’s theme of the cherry blossoms. I always used to love cherry tea but it became much more difficult to find it lately so I’m thrilled to have this one to try out!

Baked Chocolate Strawberry

These are fluffy white chocolate balls mixed with rice puffs and  little strawberry bits. Can’t go wrong with that combination, right?

Sakura Shrimp Kakimochi

A little rice cake made out of Sakuraebi, a pink Japanese shrimp type. I’ll be honest with you, I won’t be eating this one. Since I don’t eat any fish or just anything that used to live in the ocean, I’ll leave this one for my husband to try.

Hand-baked Butter Senbei

Buttery flavored rice crackers, that’s what they are. It fits well with the sakura love tea. All of these crackers are hand-baked by craftsmen in Tokyo.

Ume Sablé

These cookies (had no idea what sablé was but yes it are cookies) are made out of finely chopped plum and leaves from the shiso (perilla) plant. Flower-shaped, fruity and sweet; that’s a cookie that I definitely had to eat! To be honest, the butter flavor takes over the flavor of the plum and shies but I don’t mind. Who doesn’t love a simple butter cookie?

Suppa Mucho Stick Sour Plum

These chips remind me of when I was in China. They had so many different chips flavors, like cucumber or lemon flavored chips. And I can tell you I did not like them AT ALL. There are just some things that you really should not put as a flavor for chips. But these ones are quite okay. This bag of chips if flavored with sour plum seasoning. It’s salt, sweet and sour all mixed together.

White Strawberry

Freeze-dried strawberries soaked in white chocolate. How does that sound to you? I’m not sure if I will like these ones since I don’t like it when fruit becomes ‘mushy’ after defrosting. But maybe the strawberries won’t be too soft at all. I heard from other people that it almost tasted like candy, so I will try them anyway.

Sakura Chocolate Crepe

Did I just say crepe ? Oh yes! A crispy crepe rolled up in a sweet floral chocolate. They are super light and crunchy. This is definitely a cookie that I could eat more of.

Sakura Rusk

Twice baked butter cookies made out of sakura/cherry blossom butter. These cookies are perfect to eat while drinking a cup of tea. They are crunchy and sweet with a little salty detail. They don’t look that special but they taste quite nice.

Spring Rice Cakes

These crackers are really cute because of their flower shape. They come in a variety of flavors including sour plum, matcha, purple sweet potato, shrimp, turmeric, salt, chili pepper and light soy sauce. I’m not so sure that I’ll be trying these since there are many flavors that I don’t really like but I’m sure the hubby won’t mind tasting them.

So as I already said I did not try all of the snacks yet, but along the way, after I did try them all I will probably adjust this post to let you know my opinion of each snack.


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