KLORANE – dry shampoos for the win

Hi sweeties,

If you are just like me, a girl who has to wash her hair every day because it gets oily so fast, then make sure you continue reading this blogpost. I had the chance to test two of the new dry shampoos that Klorane has produced and I am very happy about them.

I have struggled with oily hair for years (and I still am) and that has made me try different kinds of shampoos, dry shampoos and even other methods. So of course I was willing to try these two dry shampoos to see if they were any different than the ones I had tried before.

Let’s start off with the dry shampoo with oat milk. It’s a dry shampoo made for all hair types and it’s 100% recyclable which means it’s totally eco-friendly (it does not contain aerosol like other dry shampoos) . I really liked it since it’s really powder that you put on your hair in stead of a spray. You just have to squeeze the bottle a little bit and poof, the powder comes out. While applying it on your hair you will see that it makes your hair white but that totally disappears while brushing your hair after a few minutes. I always have the intention to leave the dry shampoo a little longer in my hair than necessary before brushing it, probably because I think it will work better that way 😉

I would say this dry shampoo gives me a little better result that other dry shampoos I have used before (like Batiste for example).

Where to buy?
CANADA – http://www.fragnancenet.com CAD$ 20.64
BELGIUM – http://www.farmaline.be EUR 7.85


The other dry shampoo I tested was the dry shampoo with nettle. This dry shampoo is made for oily, brown to dark hair and it works oil absorbing. It’s my absolute favorite. Even though I have blonde hair, this one works perfect for me! It’s a spray on dry shampoo just like all the others, but it has a really subtile smell and it does not make my hair totally white while spraying it on. It’s totally invisible after you brush your hair and seriously, your hair doesn’t feel like it has dry shampoo on it which I find a great advantage if you compare it to others.

You should definitely get this dry shampoo if you have really oily hair like I do, no matter what hair color you have.

Where to buy?
CANADA – http://www.well.ca CAD $ 17.29
BELGIUM – http://www.farmaline.be EUR 10.35



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