Charlotte Tilbury – from make-up artist to brand owner

Hi sweeties,

Have you ever hear about Charlotte Tilbury? Well, I hadn’t until a few days ago. Apparently she was one of the best make-up artists worldwide and she has now put all her knowledge in her own make-up and skincare brand. She believes in the red-carpet skincare and make-up that is easy to choose, easy to use and easy to gift.

I am now the lucky owner of four of her products. Keep on reading and you’ll see which products I have tried.


K.I.S.S.I.N.G Stoned Rose lipstick + K.I.S.S.I.N.G Secret Salma lipstick

These lipsticks will make you feel and look like a movie star! Who wouldn’t want that?Let’s start by talking about the way it looks. It almost has like a vintage look with the rose gold packaging. I love that Charlotte Tilbury decided to make the outside of the lipsticks ribbed, so it gets much more difficult to roll away while laying on a table.

My favorite color is the ‘Secret Salma’. Its subtile berry pink color makes it a lipstick that you could wear every day. The other lipstick is the ‘Stoned Rose’ lipstick. It has a more orange brownish color to it. Both of them are so easy to apply and makes your lips actually feel moisturized and soft. With other lipsticks I often felt like my lips were super dry while this one really just does the opposite. I love the way how they make my lips totally pigmented and last up until about 2-3 hours (which I find surprisingly long for a normal lipstick).

Where to buy?:
CANADA – CAD $ 39,00


Sweet Stiletto lipgloss

I have to admit that I’m more of a lipstick girl than a lipgloss girl, but for these days that I don’t feel like wearing lipstick this is a good lipgloss to choose. This is a nice lipgloss to wear during the day thanks to it’s long lasting formula (up to 6h) and its soft pink shade. It gives my lips just enough color and makes them shine without being too sticky.

Where to buy?:
CANADA – CAD $ 28,00


Brightening youth glow anti-aging, color correcting, glow booster

When I tried this one for the first time I was already sold. When you apply it to your skin the product might look a bit shiny or glittery, but no worries there, it totally fades out when you divide it on your face. The primer gives my skin such a lovely glow but does not make it feel too moisturized.  I can’t wait to see if my skin will really improve after a couple of weeks since it promises to blur out my pores, make my skin more elastic and brighten my skin. And you know, this product is 100% vegan!

Where to buy?:
CANADA – CAD $ 65,00


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